On 8th December 2018 the Nairobass team visited Fruitful Talent Center in Kibera. We went to deliver the items we had collected through our program launch a month earlier and also to explain what the music program was and how it would benefit them.


We were welcomed by a lovely lady named Beatrice. She introduced us to Shosho who founded the home back in 2007. After learning about the home we were then introduced to the youth and the kids. The home doesn’t only take care of its own children, it also takes care of children from the neighborhood, keeping them off the streets during holidays and empowering them. The youth and kids of the center performed and amazed us with their dance and acrobatic skills. We soon learned that the reason they are so good at it is the level of commitment they put into it, led by their dance instructor who passionately volunteers his time to teach them. They practice all day, every day of the week during holidays. They are so good, it surprised us to hear that they had never performed at any event. So dedicated is this team that they have a leadership structure complete with disciplinarians (just in case someone acts up) and they even design and create their own dance uniforms.

There was no doubt in mind that God sent our team to this center. It all added up and made overwhelming sense. We left the home that day feeling more motivated than before and committed to our cause. If you would like the dance and acrobatic teams to perform at your event, feel free to contact us on:

We would really like to provide music instruments to this home especially traditional drums, acoustic guitars, an acoustic bass, a keyboard and wind instrument. This would create opportunities for them to not only dance and do acrobatics but also be able to have their own backing music when they perform. If you would like to support this cause feel free to contact our team through our email:

The dance team also requested us to provide t-shirts for their dance crew which we are more than happy to do. Printing 30 t-shirts would cost between  Kshs 18,000-24,000 (roughly 180-240 USD) To help make this possible, feel free to donate through Mpesa 0796410372 (Safaricom) or visit our fundraising page for more options.